Authoritarians Hate The Very Idea Of You
By: Mark W Adams

Dr. Biobrain makes the case for Obama's charm offensive, and how to answer the Ditto-Heads of the world:
But it's not even you they hate, or any actual person alive. They hate the idea of you, for not agreeing with them and validating their opinions. They are authoritarians and their enemy is anyone who doesn't respect their authority figures. And no matter how many decent liberals they know, they'll always imagine "The Liberal" as being the enemy. Even politeness will get you nowhere with them. They'll just keep on insulting you until you finally return fire, and thus confirm all their worst suspicions about you. That's just how it goes. They don't want a debate. They want to argue and find more reasons to hate you. And the more you insult them, the better they feel.
Food for your head.

Pity them, laugh at them. Shake your head and allow them their delusions, refusing to take their bait and become angry. Anger, especially an angry liberal is like food to them. Starve the beast instead.
We're not angry. We don't hate McCain. We pity the Republicans because McCain's the best patsy they could come up with to lose this election.