If It's Saturday, I Must Have Switched To Obama
By: Mark W Adams

Color me fickle. But he sure does make a good case. Beating McCain in head to head polls this far out mean nothing, but it's better than losing them.

He’s just the most amazing speaker. I caught the VA Jeff/Jack speech, and it was terrific.

Colin Powell might endorse him, which cuts both ways for me. Talk about incredibly respectable men who were on opposite sides of the prediction business in the fall of 2002.

Hillary all but offered Edwards a job today, saying she’d call on him to serve in her administration. Geez Hillary, if you wanted my vote that badly, you could have just got Bill to call me on the phone and ask personally for my vote. That got my attention -- and I was solidifying my support for her until I heard Obama's dog whistles.

Obama, sounded like he was delivering Edwards’ stump speech at the end, hitting all John’s themes — just with better style than anyone else can.

Obama called himself a “hope monger,” but that he knew the reality that the drug and insurance companies wouldn’t give up easily — and I had this sick thought: We learned from Bush that if they want to, President’s can create their own reality — right? And when talking about the real opposition, he can't wait to debate John McCain on foreign policy -- he really sounded like a fighter.

Of course, it's speech and not debate where Obama excels. That's not unheard of. I was on the forensics team in college. I did speeches. Our folks didn't mix with the debaters too much even though we were know as the speech and debate club. They are entirely different disciplines. Funny thing, in court I was much more comfortable in cross-examination which is more like debate, than giving opening and closing statements -- pure speechifying.

Be careful what you wish for Barack. That old man might clean your clock on foreign relations. Stick to domestic and economic policy where you're strongest.

I’m going to wear out my flip-flops. But for the next few hours, I’m on the ObamaBus

Besides, no one’s name lends itself to more silly compound puns, and right now there's a lot of ... ObaMentum ... in the air.

Louisiana √
Washington √
Nebraska √

By the way. I know that since McCain was anointed at CPAC Republican turnout would drop, and it's been lower than Democratic turnout in every primary, red state of blue. But holy cow.

The numbers I'm seeing for the GOP are stunningly pathetic. In Louisiana, Hillary has over twice as many votes as either Huckabee or McCain, and yet with as many votes as both Republicans combined, she lost to Obama who has three times the support of either the Republicans. In Washington, Hillary beats McCain 3 to 1 and Obama is seven times higher than the GOP leader at this point in the count. Heck, Hillary beats Huck and John together by a factor of two. Obama, 5 to 1.

Can you say ... DemoMentum?


G. A. Roach said...

Some daze, I just don't get you Adams. Must I go start my own Blog about hand-wringing, flip-flopping, flop-flipper Post-Edwards before thr Cock-Us Supporters.
I just stopped by for a laugh, all that Edwards "youtube" was depressing me.
Maybe, I'll go post an OfJE pre-primary get it up if you can blog. Psst...pass Fred's little blue pills!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, really happy to see you are still in the game. I've been getting so worked up about the current political situation, I felt it was time to re-open the old soapbox. Anyone else from the old clique still blogging?

Ara said...

It's easy: Vote for Obama in the primary and Hillary in the general.


G. A. Roach said...

Phffftttt! You're like a kool-aid peddler, man. Sorry, I made really B-I-G promises to my friend, John. I heard "Wild Cherry" rocks, in the meantime.

Mark W Adams said...

Justin! Dude! Get your ass back to blogging! If you stay away much longer, KOS won't have any real competition. Right after you changed the color of your blog to black, you went dark too. ;-)

Ara, as usual, You. Crack. Me. Up.

Greg, you have no choice. Your just a pledged delegate. Only Super Delegates can change their minds on the first ballot. Suck it up, you wish you could naval gaze and play Hamlet.

BTW, make sure you get plenty of autographs at the Cleveland Debate and the convention too -- and bring us back plenty of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if Edwards does not allow his name to be placed into nomination, what do pledged delegates do? Are they free?

Vote Edwards Against NAFTA and For Party Unity

G. A. Roach said...

I'll have to check the...um, rulebook, Bruce.

Mark, I can naval gaze and play Hendrix. Does that count? Can't go to Cleveland;black mold growing in the basement! Eww!

Yeah, one day you won't have old Greg to kick around!