Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Destroys "24"
By: Mark W Adams

No, really! Phfffthht!

PhotobucketI think I just found a whole new bunch of wingnuts to make fun of -- right wing film critics at the obviously misnamed Libertas, is "A Forum For Conservative Thought On Film" produced by the Liberty Film Festival (George Orwell raises an eyebrow) have hatched a theory that the reason the ratings for the TV Torture Porn series, "24" have been sinking is an insidious infiltration of filthy, smelly hippies.

Liberals make and promote and distribute and champion films about assassinating Bush, sex with animals, and sympathizing with child molesters, but it’s torture to save American lives which most offends them. How so very revealing…
Actually, speaking only for myself, the bestiality stuff is where I draw the line -- except for that Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, which is about as graphic I want to go with the Santorum stuff.

Really, these guys are bound to be a barrel of laughs. Check out their coverage of the Writers' Strike:
STRIKE: Bolshevik California Democrats Threaten Studios
You can just imagine how much they luv them some Ronald Reagan movies. But they put special time aside for anything to do with graphic depictions of terrorists getting blown to bits (voluntarily or otherwise) and panel discussions with the guy who wrote and produced ABC's fictional account of the Clinton administration's dealings with Osama: "Path to 9/11"; the maker of that box office hit, "Son of Al Qaeda" (What, you missed that epic? For shame.); and the guy who produced both "24" and Fox's aborted "1/2 Hour comedy Hour."

Those were the headliners at their last Fest Fur der Fatherland...er, film festival. An "E" ticket if ever there was one. "E" as in Eeewww... BTW, in case you missed it in Wiki, the Liberty Fest is partners with David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture (The Freedom Center).

But I have to give them props for their on the scene reporting of Hollywood's gala debate last week at the Kodak Theater. (Where else but the home of the Oscars?) Being right there in Tinsel Town, they have access to news and information that no one else could find ... unless they have internet access and can type A.B.C. News Dot Com.

I do appreciate their feel for the snark, however:
Spielberg alone has contributed $11,000 to Clinton since that campaign, and his political consultant, Andy Spahn,
Sorry to interrupt, but I have to stop and laugh here at the fact that Spielberg has a political consultant. “Tell me: What do I believe today, Andrew?”
emphasized that Spielberg and Geffen have not yet officially endorsed Obama.
Yeah, okay guys, I'll give you that one.

UPDATE: You know, it's funny. I thought the big bad-ass thugs emulating Jack Bauer were supposed to scare us pussy liberals into submission. HA!

These folks have lost their minds and are folding the tent ... because .... new cast member .... (wait for it) .... Janeane Garofalo is joining "24" this season. Heh.

Heh, heh.

Heh, heh, heh ... Heh Ha, ha ha aah hahaha ahaha Heeeeeeeeeeee!

[cant breathe] hehehehheeeeeheeheeehehheeeaaaahahaaahaaaahaaaahaa

[mu...must st, stop] hheeahhaahhahheehehahhehahhehshsheheeheheheheaahahahaha

[iiiiittt he, aaaha, huurrrts] hehheeehehehheeeehheee.

My god, I might have to start watching this shitty Fox show.

[Anybody got a towel? mrph, Fffffpht Hhhhwww-wwwaAAa-Aaaahahahahhhhhaha-hhHHHHhhAAAAa]