If You're Tired Of The Horse Race Coverage
By: Mark W Adams

Too Bad. The closeness of the contest for the Democratic nomination is the most intriguing episode of primary politics in a century.

This is history folks. You're living it.

We're in the midst of a huge financial downturn and what is the Wall Street Journal covering?

Fight for Delegates Grinds On[Go to article]
Super Tuesday left Clinton and Obama essentially tied. Now the race heads into a prolonged series of smaller contests. On the GOP side, McCain's biggest breaks with his party may also make him Republicans' most electable candidate. 4:12 a.m.
Just a glance at Slate's synopsis of today's papers will tell you it's THE big story. Not even the latest Britney breakdown, Hilton at Harvard, confessions of a guy accused of killing a pretty white girl, or the latest strategy in Iraq or tragedy in Afghanistan can knock this stuff off the front pages. Not even one of the worst strings of killer tornadoes in a freak mid-winter storm could interrupt the Tsunami Tuesday results as they came in.

(And you really need to check out Nonnie's graphic representation of Super Tuesday.)

It's a testament to ... um, something or other ... that no major news operation nor the candidates can agree to how many delegates Obama and Clinton have. I guess that's why they have conventions, right? To count the votes.

Not according to the Chairman of the DNC.

Shorter Howard Dean
: Conventions are reserved for preaching to the faithful and putting on a good show for the cameras. It's about rallying supporters to get out the vote -- not anything as mundane as picking the Party's leader.

Close the door and pass me a cigar Howard. We got us a deal to cut in the backroom.

Oh, and Howie. Don't fuck this up and piss everybody off.