Mmmmm Popcorn!
By: Mark W Adams

In what is sure to become one of the epic grudgmatches of the intertubez, Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte is calling out pig-man Kim duToit, one of the most disgustingly sexist fascists out there whose closed-mindedness is only superseded by his spouse when he permits her access to the outside world.

Locally, if you're in the mood for some schadenfreunde, here's another episode of the continuing saga of the disintegration of Northwestern Ohio's Republican Party. Somehow I just knew the party affiliation before I clicked on the link: Ohio Senate candidate in custody in Wood County.
BOWLING GREEN — John F. Schulte, a Republican running for the Ohio Senate’s 2nd District in the March 4 primary, turned himself in yesterday after a warrant was issued charging him with violating the terms of his bond.

Schulte, 52, of Wood County’s Troy Township was indicted by a Wood County grand jury in October for menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment after being accused of stalking a Lucas County woman he knew.

On Wednesday, visiting Judge Richard Knepper revoked his bond and issued an arrest warrant after prosecutors received confirmation from a state lab that Schulte’s DNA was on an envelope mailed to the victim in the case in November.

Under the terms of the bond, he was to have no contact with her either directly or indirectly.

According to a prosecutor’s motion, the victim found an envelope in her newspaper box Nov. 19 with her name typed on the outside.

Inside the box was an index card with “don’t testify” typed on it.
Is this guy really still on the ballot? I think he just moved up to witness intimidation. Gawd I hope he wins the primary. I haven't seen anyone campaign from prison since Jim Traficant.