Counting Votes
By: Mark W Adams

USA Today's story about problems the experts see coming due to unbelievable turnout for this cycle's election is only a backdrop for the nightmare expected election night this Tuesday in Ohio and Texas, and possibly nationwide come November.
"The biggest problem during the primary season has been too many voters," says Doug Chapin, director of electionline.org, which tracks voting issues. "Time and time again, the problem has been turnout being up higher than even the most optimistic projection."
Right on cue, Ohio Daily Blog reports that turnout will be huge.
Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner had a conference call with reporters today (reported on Openers , The Daily Briefing, and Politics Extra) in which she forecast a 52% voter turnout. That is vastly greater to turnout in the 30% to 35% range for the last three presidential primaries (when Ohio's vote was not nearly so important). It is about the same as the 53.2% turnout in the 2006 general election and about 19% less than the record-breaking 2004 general election turnout.
The USA Today article tells us where the trouble spots should be, including:
In Ohio, which has faced myriad ballot-box problems in recent years, the Cleveland area will test new optical-scan paper ballots in next Tuesday's primary; officials may not finish counting until midday Wednesday.
So, how's that going? If you guessed badly, you win.
Cleveland: Test Of New Ballot Scanners Fails
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