Law Suits I Wished I'd Filed
By: Mark W Adams

There's enough Tsunami/Fat Tuesday news out there for everyone. To the winners, congratulations. To the losers (cough: Romney), hit the road Jack.

Here's something completely different from the files of labor relations. Progress for the working...girl!!

South Africa:
A prostitute who is suing her former employers on a charge of unfair dismissal has been lauded as "brave".

"The woman will get a better hearing than she did at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) because the court will not judge it on a moral basis but rather on a constitutional and legal basis," said Michael Bagraim, who has been practising labour law for 22 years.

A weekend newspaper reported that the woman, known as Kylie, planned the action after she was fired for reportedly refusing to perform oral sex and for having too few clients.
A girl's got to keep up professional standards. I think she should hold out for DVD residual rights and then settle.

My dad used to say, if you can't get the work done right, put more men on the job.... Dad wasn't all there, though, if you know what I mean.

Perhaps you'd prefer this dog-bites-man Headline From Drudge Retort
Investigative Journalism? Invasion of privacy? Or just an exercise in snark? You make the call.