Note To GOP Frightmongers
By: Mark W Adams

When playing the fear card, save the grandstanding and political stunts for a slow news day.

So the latest on the FISA bill is this: the House and Senate were supposed to meet today to begin the compromise of the RESTORE Act, which has no telecom amnesty, and the Senate Intelligence Committee version of the bill, which does. But the Republicans took a walk and refused to negotiate.
There's three obvious problems with this. 1.) These sessions are behind closed doors. 2.) Despite this being the 19th time they met, more and more people are watching Hillary and Obama square off in their debates. 3.) The McCain hit the fan.

See, if a political hack shouts, "Boo!" and nobody is there to hear him, it doesn't count. Lord knows nobody is listening to Mr. 19% phoning in messages from Africa. Well, we're listening -- but we just can't help but laugh when says things like the Telecom Companies should have immunity not only retroactively, but also for crimes Bush wants them to commit in the future. At least that's how I read this...
"If we do not give liability protection to those who are helping us, they won't help us. And if they don't help us, there will be no program. And if there's no program, America is more vulnerable."
Folks, Bush has even lost the ever reactionary John Birch Society on this ploy. What's also fun is that it was the GOP who walked out on this, again, and are saying the Democrats are blocking progress on the bill. It. Is. To. Laugh.

I mean, the man is just silly, why should we listen to him any more than the people of Pakistan when he pleads with them to retain Musharraf? Who's he kidding? Why on earth does he think he's relevant anymore? Better question, why would anyone, even here, think any suggestion he might have is a good idea?

Bush is spreading something, but it isn't democracy.