So, Anything Special Going On?
By: Mark W Adams

I hear there's like this big decision about half the country gets to make today. Well, if you're voting this Tsunami Tuesday, just remember that Hillary Clinton cried -- again -- maybe. This fact alone should help you with this monumental decision.

No? Try this. It's okay to cry as long as she smiles when discussing Bush's parentage. Put it in scare quotes if you need to: Clinton "cries" again. Add the action word and bold type Breaking: Hillary Reemploys "The Cry". Or just come out and say it: Hillary Clinton will do anything to win.

Does this make you forget that her husband is on a tight leash right now since the candor of candidate's spouse hurt her in South Carolina and tearing up helped her in New Hampshire? Obviously Michelle Obama wasn't taking notes.

Evidently Mrs. Obama isn't quite sure she'd support Hillary if Senator Clinton wins the nomination (like who else will she vote for?). We have choices here too. Ignore Her. Tell her to Get Over Herself. Call her Names. Condemn the Really Bad Divisive Stuff. Why not just compare her to Ann Coulter.

Lord knows the Kennedys are no help, with Teddy and Caroline for Obama, Bobby's kids for Hillary and Arnold for McCain with his wife making up her mind at the last minute -- dashing to be by Oprah's Obama's side.

A lot of this may be moot, especially in California where independents can vote in the Democratic but not Republican ballot - and half of the people have already voted.

Best advice I can give you at this point is when you walk into the voting booth: FLIP A $@#! COIN.


G. A. Roach said...

I ain't flippin' no flippin' coin! You know where my vote goes come March 4th..."Mr. Policy Leader"! We haven't lost; we're just lost.

Anonymous said...

Heads I vote for the one with the smartest policy.

Tails I vote for the one best able to kick some Republican tail in the General Election.

Simplifies things, cause you aint even got to worry whether you got a two-headed coin or not, its the same odds either way.