Back In The Olden Times
By: Mark W Adams

When I went to school ... Hey! I wanna get an iPhone too! My wife's gonna wonder why all these young co-eds are in my address book. Somehow I don't think she'll buy the excuse they're all my new study partners.
To justify the rising cost of tuition a Texas university gives all incoming freshmen iPhones
Maybe I better stick to plan "A" and wait for George Bush's check to bring me out of my depression.

Huh? Waddaya mean he said "recession" and not "depression?" And now you tell me the check doesn't come with a sample pack of Prozac? That sucks, even if it doesn't work.

Seriously? Abilene Christian University hasn't figured out that the kids can download dirty pictures and Black Sabbath songs? Jesus people, iTunes is the Devil! What the hell are they thinking?

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