Our Very Serious Liberal Blogosphere
By: Mark W Adams

Critiques John Edwards' campaign decisions.

I know that there’s some boys handbook in campaigns that says you can’t look manly and wear a coat, but you look a little ridiculous not, frankly. Go get yourself one of those nice tailored cashmere overcoats (or one in black and another in camel, if you insist on matching), they’re soft, you’ll look dashing and you won’t look like some high school kid who won’t wear a coat because he doesn’t want to look uncool.
Yes, Megan at Wonkette really gets to the heart of the matter, but she's not done...
Also, then, we really have to talk about your shoes. ...
Thankfully, she leaves the hair analysis to the feedback circle-jerk that makes all blogs so kewl, the comment section.

That's it, my New Years resolution! From now on, I'm going to tell the truth, no more Mr. Nice Blogger ... Yes Hillary, that dress makes your ass look HUGE.