Predicting The New Year Will Be The Last Year, Ever
By: Mark W Adams

A fittingly appropriate Google Bomb for Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism via CorrenteWire. Please click and spread with a moist towelette. If you don't, I'll drown a puppy.

In a completely unrelated note, except for the possible fashion statement that Jonah G. would find Fffa...ablulous!

"We think Hello Kitty is accepted by young men as a design statement in fashion."
While some may rightfully take this as portents of the coming Four Horsemen, nothing could more surly foretell this next year as the beginning of the end of western civilization than this horrible scene foisted on the intertubez by Sisyphus in the book found not in a religious specialty story, but Barnes and Nobles.

Notwithstanding the fact that when I grew up, it was well known that God's Little Princess was Jewish and therefore had no use whatsoever for the second half of this book (and might damage her nails with such mundane tasks as turning pages); commercialization of Christmas is one thing, designer Bibles modified to fit your particular demographic niche is evil genius (which is quite anathema to the message of the Good Book last I heard).

Then again, the Bible had a thing or two to say about what to do when money comes in conflict with faith, rendering unto Ceasar and such, or to quote my favorite Designer Bible:
"Ceesarz" tehy sayz. So he's like, "geev Ceesar hiz kittytreat n geev Ceiling Cat hiz kittytreat 2 k?"
Something like that. Naturally, all this commingling of cats, Bible verse and bad fashion (magic underwear?) can only mean the End Of Times: ending badly for some, worse for others -- and unimaginably horrible for those who missed out on the last shoe sale, ever, at Bloomingdales.