The Fense Sitters Get Off The Dime
By: Mark W Adams

First it was Chris Bowers, formerly of MyDD where Jerome Armstrong is all but predicting (and seems to like) an Edwards win in Iowa. Then it was his Open Left Co-Founder Matt Stoller. Skippy's almost there, and the Agonist and Big Tent Democrat have weighed in on Edwards side.

And now, joining the eleventh hour throng of Edwards endorsers, the patron saint of the "Primaries Bore Me" crowd, Atrios will vote for Edwards.

For what it's worth, Obama trashes not only his current rivals in a campaign that is sounding more desperate and tone deaf, but also dismisses past Democratic Party standard bearers. He's tried to explain away his movement from hand-holding to attack machine, but as Craig Crawford is saying,"If you’re explaining, you’re losing."

Interestingly enough, a guy who ran against both Kerry and Gore, Ralph Nader, is on board the Edwards bus too. (Oh, and pay no attention to that Des Moines Register Poll. It's a flawed outlier.)