Huckabee's Willie Horton?
By: Mark W Adams

If this is the only kind of abuse of power they can pin on Huckabee, the GOP are fools not to get in lockstep behind this guy. And for all the Dems trying to bring down Giuliani, be careful what you wish for, cuz we don't want to face this Republican from Hope Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee pardoned a drug-usin’, alcohol-guzzlin’, womanizin’ near-derelict? Who, I might add, was an “alien” visitor to the United States of America?
The criminal? Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones -- for reckless driving. Richards is known to have gone on to a life of crime, smoking dope and unlawfully falling out of palm trees. Shameful!

Romney's desperate to stop Huckabee, calling him a "lifelong politician" of all things. Scandalous!

Honestly, if this is the best anyone can hurl at a Republican in this day and age, someone who avoided the taint of George Bush's Washington, lacks ties to military contractors, a straight minister with no known mistresses, a guy who may have signed Grover Norquists "no tax increase" pledge mainly because he wants to eliminate the most feared and hated agency in the Federal Government, the IRS, who had the discipline to lose 100 pounds, the Democrats are in real trouble if the GOP can't keep this guy down.

I believe Huckabee can win Iowa and parlay that into a nomination for the same reasons I'm still on the Edwards bandwagon. It's not just the win that will propel them. It's the come from behind finish. The compelling narrative of being outspent by millions and millions of dollars by your well-connected foes, and despite all odds and emerging from pronouncements of being DOA by the Village Pundits -- their vision and message triumphs.

It's the stuff of legend.

And what if both of these populist nice-guys are nominated? Well America, good for you. It would be a whole new world if we had two good choices for a change. Now you just have to decide if you want to keep the IRS or have universal health care. Wanna bet who wins that simple argument?

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Minor Ripper said...

I'm a huge stones fan and the way Huck handled that pardon is one of the main reasons I like him. He seems normal and extremely cool. I'll vote for a Dem though and like you am a Edwards supporter. I truly believe the only way the Dems can lose next year is if they nominate Hillary. Edwards would win in a landslide. The media's fixated with the Obama/Hillary horse race though. Will the Iowa voters get beyond that?? let's hope so.