News Bits: VP Fire Sale Edition
By: Mark W Adams

If you didn't at least get a tingle at the back of your neck when you first heard the news that Dick Cheney's office was on fire, wondering why the old fart didn't just use a shredder like previous crooks who worked in the White House, then I'm surprised you have enough curiosity to read blogs. Thoreau has the scoop: Warning: Do not leave paper shredder unattended when on “high” setting.

Creationism Institute Seeks to Offer Science Degree -- Foxnews
The Institute for Creation Research, which advocates a Biblical approach to science, is seeking to offer an online master's degree in science education, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday.
Lemme wrap my head around this. * * *
Uh . . . Nope. I got nothing, and am now dumber for trying.

With Tancredo joining Brownback and leaving the GOP Presidential free-for-all, the world is now safer with the extremists bowing out. We just have to worry about the rest of the lunatics and that whack-job with the blimp.

My Karma is still intact, despite the bubble bursting schadenfreude of those who are sick and tired of my incessant cheerleading for John Edwards -- because Ad Nags sees the light, and doesn't even mention John's hair.

TIME Magazine fires dickheads Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol, and hires an ass with a less well known profile for douchebaggery, National Review editor Ramesh Ponnuru who published The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life. Taking a pass on Brittany, Paris and Al Gore, they also named Vladimir Putin as Man of the Year. If I had a subscription, I'd cancel it.

The greatest cinematic accomplishment of all time was Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings trilogy. At least that's the way I see it. He's at it again, starting a two-movie Hobbit project.

Schwarzenegger set to remind Bush that conservatives are all abut "States' Rights." Arnold plans to sue E.P.A. for striking down California's tough emission standards.

Finally, since it's nap time, I learned why A.J. Rossmiller at Americablog likes Ron Paul supporters, but have zero clue why Dean Esmay wants them to Did, Die, Die. I'll just assume the drunken lout is in the midst of one of his belligerent, paranoid fits. You know, like when he's awake.