MSM Getting Tough?
By: Mark W Adams

A couple of upcoming television news stories are on a trail Blogtopia blazed 5 years ago -- going after the source of all evil: The Bush Administration's crony capitalism protection racket.

In a story even Fox News should approve, an item with all the elements that appeal to the most prurient interests they cater to is being touted on ABC's 20/20.

This one has it all. A beautiful 22 year old woman in a war zone involved in a sex scandal. Unfortunately for Fox viewers (who will not be seeing much of this story) it seems the scandal was actually a case of gang rape and the perpetrators were her fellow Halliburton/KBR employees. Adding insult to grievous injury, the company literally locked her up and told her she's be out of a job if she made waves.

It's an irresistible conflation of the media's obsessive coverage of good-looking white girls in trouble with the real story of the Bush years, the utter lawlessness of the private armies in Iraq. If it makes any ripples over at Wingnuttystan, count on the victim to be burned at the stake.

Over at MSNBC, Dan Abrams has thrown down the gauntlet and is ready to air his disgust with the Administration's politicalization of the Justice Department. Bush League Justice is a series airing Monday-Thursday at 9 pm on MSNBC.

One thing stood out for me as Abrams introduced himself to HuffPost readers.
A University of Minnesota study conducted this year shows that for every elected Republican investigated during this president's tenure, there were seven elected Democrats investigated.
When you think of all the equivalency the Village Press attempts to push on us, the "they all do it" syndrome; I find it extraordinary that despite the entire mechanism of the federal judicial system trying to change reality, only three Democratic officials are among the 39 ongoing corruption scandals collected by TPM.

These guys can't do anything right. Nixon would be highly disappointed.

UPDATE: Good on Dan. After chatting with Arriana Huffington herself about the Rosemary Woods-ing of the CIA Torture Tapes, and then going with the new Bush League Justice segment -- he covers the ABC story about our lovely KBR employee who was raped, sodomized and imprisoned by her overseers at the Halliburton subsidiary -- a story that deserves legs.