PrezNitWit Readjusts The Iranian Bellicosity Bar
By: Mark W Adams

Shorter Shrub on the NIE at today's Presser:

So? I still don't like scary Ir-Rayn-Yuns -- cuz maybe they still know stuff 'bout NuKuLers.
If I got it straight, this stubborn little, little man insists that facts and the informed opinion of 16 intelligence agencies combined wisdom on their area of expertise get in the way of his fear of scary, scary Iranian Muhallas because they once tried to get Nooks. So they once knew how to make them, still do, might keep on knowing how in the future -- and could tell even badder people.

My (rough) Bushism of the day:
"Iran, was dangerous. Is dangerous. And will continue to be dangerous if they have the knowledge to make a nuclear weapon."
Yeah, I know, the intel agencies have dropped the ball before, at least those who purposely ignored the caveats and warnings in previous NIE's would have us believe so. But consider the logic of Bush's "firm belief."

The same could be said of newly embraced Libya, not to mention South Africa or (dare we mention) Israel, as nations who could turn on a dime and use their surreptitiously obtained knowledge of nuclear engineering and make a bomb -- in five to ten years or so. Okay, the Israel example is a stretch. They would probably need about five to ten weeks to make a nuke from scratch.

New Iranian response claiming (ala LoLCats channeling Steve Martin):
"We FoRrrgot" how to make teh nukez, so I Can Haz Cheezburger Now?

Meanwhile, for a quick laugh while we wait for the translation, do look at Crazy Pammy rant about how moist the State Department gets her.

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-Sepp said...

The best thing is that nobody bought the line of crap this time.