By: Mark W Adams

Indeed, my "scream an obscenity and throw something at the TeeVee moment" was when Bush said said today, "I’ve tried to be respectful to all parties." Thankfully, Carpetbagger saved me the effort of searching the record.
To be fair, Bush never called his political opponents "opportunists" who peddle "dishonest and reprehensible charges." That was his vice president.
― Tim Grieve
But we do have this miscreant on record saying Democrats were:
  • ... willing to wave the white flag of surrender.
  • ... the party of cut and run ... when the votes are counted, their softer side comes out.
  • ... knee-jerk opposition
  • ... more interested in fighting political battles in Washington than in providing our troops what they need to fight
Yeah, real respectful. But of course, this little throw-away line was lost in the massive, jaw-dropping, collective, "Whaaaa?" that the news of Iran having abandoned it's nuclear weapons program back when we invaded Iraq -- a way of making overtures to Washington to collectively police Iran's out-of-control neighbors like Saddam and the Taliban in a cooperative fashion. Overtures that were predictably rejected by Cheney, the warmonger-in-chief.

I don't think the Village is buying Bush's laughing-boy routine. Nobody, not even Hillary is getting a pass on their anti-Iran rhetoric. They know they were played for chumps, and are going to be counting scalps for what Dan Froomkin calls Bush's "Neck-Snapping Spin."

Froomkin outright calls Bush a liar (in Broderesque approved terms of course), when he says the President has "profound credibility problems."
It was neck-snapping spin even by Bush standards. He intentionally misread the report's central point, failed to acknowledge a huge change in his argument for why Iran is dangerous and exhibited pure bullheaded stubbornness.
Nobody really should have been surprised about Bush's consistent delusion that he's never wrong. Rehiring Wolfowitz as some kind of WMD expert is clearly a move to keep the neocons in the game, even though "Team-B" has been wrong about absolutely everything since 1976.

But that consistent wrongness hasn't dissuaded the jingoistic meathead with delusions of intellectualism (™++UG) from insisting the only good Iranian is a blown-up Iranian.
I can't stop myself from pointing out: apparently, if this report is to be believed, they stopped their nuclear weapons development immediately after being branded a member of the "axis of evil."
Yeah. Okay, that was it. [snort] Georgie Bushy's name calling scared the Nooks right outta Teheran. You know, if some of these dead-end bloggers from Wingnuttystan weren't such heavy drinkers, the Intertoobz would be far less entertaining.

But none of that stuff made me put down the remote (which could do damage) and pick up a strategically misplaced plushy puppy toy and heave it at the television while Bush catapulted the talking points to his legions, the 25%ers who can't flush properly without written instructions from their authoritarian figureheads. No.

It was the utter stupidity of the man on display. Bush was in classic smirking chimp mode. The self-conscious denigration of "psychology 101," the shiftlessness, stammering, eye-rolling lack of basic language skills all added to my usual contempt for the Piece of Bush. The whole enchilada, epitomized by his complete lack of self-awareness and the sneering, snide, transparently superior way he treats everyone on earth who doesn't kiss his ass -- that got an audible "F-You, asshole" from this little corner of Toledo.