Zip-It Bubba
By: shep

by shep

When Rose said that all this seemed to add up to Clinton hinting that people would be "rolling the dice" if they picked Obama, the former president replied: "It's less predictable, isn't it?"

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Many of us predicted the train wreck that would occur if idiot-boy Bush were made president (if only that was less predictable). And many people are predicting more corporatist neoconservatism if your wife gets elected.

Hillary voted to give King George and his black-hearted mentor the keys to use the US military to launch a tragic, pre-meditated, war of aggression in Iraq. She also voted with Joe Lieberman, a turncoat traitor to America and the Democratic Party, to name Iran’s military as a terrorist organization, giving the Zionists another excuse to launch World War III.

She voted to strip bankruptcy protection for average American citizens to benefit her fat-cat contributors in the banking industry and she voted for the Patriot Act twice. There’s nothing in her record that would predict that she would make a better president than Barak Obama.

I know that the nightmares over Obama’s rise in the polls must be interrupting your wet dreams about getting your old room back at the White House (if she decides to let you sleep there) but you need to drop the “not enough experience” canard.

Hillary might make a decent president – certainly in sharp contrast to any Republican – but no one in their right mind could look at the world of business and government and conclude that experience is the same thing as wisdom. And Obama has shown leagues more wisdom on one of the most monumental decisions of all time – Iraq. His political wisdom appears none too shabby either since, unlike your wife, he has committed himself to fight against amnesty for telecommunications companies that colluded with the government to illegally spy on American citizens.

If experience automatically led to better judgment, we wouldn’t have had to endure what Republican miscreants were able to do with “your experience” on an intern’s blue dress (who could have predicted that?). By all accounts, at the time you had considerable experience in such matters.

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