Where's The Love?
By: Mark W Adams

Why does the 25% crowd get their fair share of pandering,

Apparently it was much more important that Mitt Romney open up about his faith, at least to the "base" true believers, than it was for him to answer a simple question about torture.
and us progressive/liberals get the back of Obama's hand?
Barack Obama has no ideological compass. He doesn't care if it's a progressive honestly pointing out the flaws in a policy plan. All Obama cares about is the aura of him, because he has no ideological center, which he admitted himself, offering the first self-inflicted warning signal that all progressives should have picked up.
There's a reason John Edwards is still in this race. They guy isn't afraid of the liberal label. We never expected Hillary Clinton to to be anything but a centrist democratic hawk. Only The Village wingnuts call her a liberal -- in order to demonize her. I wish she was a liberal.

But we had hope in Obama.

I think a lot of folks are guilty of projection, inferring what the think Obama will be based merely on buzz instead of really looking at what he's all about. Is he a better pick than Hillary? Certainly. And I'm not as upset with him as the quote from Taylor Marsh above seems to be. I'm just pointing out that there will be a lot of things to be pissed off about in progressive Blogtopia under an Obama administration.

Maybe I'm asking for too much, demanding perfection when no such thing exists. After all, my guy, Edwards, doesn't walk the progressive line in everything. He came out with a great health care plan, but it wasn't single-payer. I bristled at mandated coverage until it was explained to me that it wouldn't work without bringing everyone into the pool, including those that feel they can afford to pay for their own care out of pocket.

But once in a while (and I don't think this is asking for too much) I'd like to have some frontrunners and not just the also-rans in the Democratic Party stroke us lefties like the reactionary religious bigots get pandered to by the GOP.

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shep said...

Sounds like Marsh doesn't like politics (who can blame him?) or Barack Obama. I'll still take pandering to "centrists" over pandering to neocons any day.