Rudy Quote of the YEAR
By: Mark W Adams

It's fascinating when the Bush-Bots at Townhall.com invoke the thought that Rudy being such a flaming jerk to his wife, kids and his whole city when he was having his affair with Judi makes Bill Clinton look like a choir boy.
The public has the right to wonder, "Should I have to pay if a President Giuliani wants to hide from his wife the fact that he's giving the high hard one to some new tail?"
Refresh my memory, but Slick Willie's travel office kerfluffle didn't involve using the secret service to spirit Monica anywhere on Air Force One, did it?

Just checking . . .

Of course, I always took the same position as Mel Brooks: Let 'em have a mistress. If they aren't doing to her, they'll do it to us.

This is still America, the place that locks up Paris Hilton, would televise the live stoning of Britany Spears for not duct-taping her kid into a car seat, and let's O.J. and Scooter Libby walk free.

I know this stuff about Rudy's shady dealings with actual terrorist supporters -- sheiks with cash and not just liberal pundits -- should mean more than a tawdry sexcapade. But let's face it: when throwing mud, the juicier the wad, the more likely it is to stick.

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