By: Mark W Adams


More Later.
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In the mean time, Next time someone tells you how much the Democrats are sucking because they haven't stopped the war (Yes KOS, you too), remind them that the reason Congress's approval ratings are so low is a direct result of Republican obstructionism -- not because the public at large disapproves of Democrats in general.

Don't take my word for it. Just take a look at the facts -- which always have a liberal bias.

Ending the war, something the majority of people wanted according to the 2006 exit polls, is still what we want. And by we, I mean the majority of ALL of America, not just the left -- who are nearly unanimous in this desire.
Only about one-third of Americans say the recent U.S. troop surge is making the situation in Iraq better, and the majority of Americans continue to say it was a mistake to send troops there in the first place. Although Americans are pessimistic about progress in the war, a slim majority still believe the United States is likely to win -- a slight improvement since mid-January, but similar to measures in early January and in 2006.

Last year, 58% of us disapproved of Bush's handling of the war. This last spring, almost as many, 57%, thought he was being pigheaded when he vetoed the spending measure that included optional timetables, and even more would approve of insisting on benchmarks - 61%.

And what happened as a result of Bush insisting on thwarting the considered wisdom of the people he (in theory) represents? Casualty counts have exceeded last year with two months to go, and zero political movement by the Iraqi government which the improved security situation in Baghdad was supposed to encourage. They aren't even trying to "stand up so we can stand down."

Sorry, it's long past time to bail. No one should be able to say we didn't give it a shot. I've been saying we should find an excuse, any excuse to leave long before the country was ready to walk away from this disaster. Now, it's the only choice left. There are no more deck chairs to rearrange.

Now I know Congress overall is in trouble, and Congressional Democrats have nothing to crow about when it comes to how endeared the public is to them. But they are still 9 points higher than their Republican counterparts.
By a 2 to 1 margin, those who see little accomplishment in Congress's first nine months blame the inaction on Bush and the GOP more than they do the majority Democrats. Fifty-one percent place primary fault with the president and congressional Republicans, and 25 percent on the Democrats. Among independents, 43 percent blame Republicans, 23 percent Democrats and nearly three in 10 blame both sides equally.
Now in case you're still confused, and are some kind of struggling winger trying to find yourself (you know who you are), understand that no amount of spin can turn America's desire to end the war as some kind of "Lefty Policy" when only 13% to 27% of the people want Bush to have a blank check to pour more lives and cash into the sandbox.

The Democrats are bringing the right bills to the floor. The Republicans and Bush are the one getting everybody killed.