A Shit Sandwich
By: Mark W Adams

Sometimes you take a big bite, sometimes you take a little bite . . . sometimes you miss the bread entirely.
If this is the sort of competence that we get from Democratic campaigns then I refuse to expect much from the next administration. In a different time I would be weighing my options, but as long as the present management hangs on you would have to waterboard me to vote Republican. A shit sandwich looks quite edible when the alternative is a drano enema.
To save you the trouble, the first link is the silly Hillary not tipping non-story that interests me about as much as cleaning up my back yard after the puppies get done. The second is Obama's failure to reject the Versailles Courtiers' framing of projected Social Security underfunding as some sort of crisis -- also about as interesting as drying paint.

While indicative of something or other, and a fine piece of literary allusion -- Geez Tim, overreact much?

But thanks for reminding me of that old joke about life being like a shit sandwich.

Far more interesting, at least from the point of view of anyone struggling to figure out what's really going on in the Potomac Village, is the strategery behind Harry Reid making legislative sausage -- a gesture to us liberals (and everybody else that isn't marching to PrezNitWit 24%'s tune) that is almost certain to fail to do what's advertised (stopping the war); in exchange for letting Mukasey slip through and probably selling us out to the Telecos.

To my way of seeing things, a shit sandwich consists of a Bush enabling, entrenched incumbent senator who probably has no interest in continuing in office after their 70th or 80th birthdays in 2012 -- their next opportunity to be run out of office by someone who isn't really a conservative -- wrapped between two slices of the Democratic Party.

UPDATE: I just can't get the taste out of my mouth.
Democrats (those luminaries Reid and Pelosi) decided to drop the renewable energy standard out of the energy bill and drop the tax title (see Toby Barlow's "News Alert: If You Love Renewable Energy, It's Time to Freak Out" 11/09/07). No tax title means no extension of the investment tax credit for wind nor solar, adding up to precisely zero for renewable energy in the energy bill. Bravo!
You know that lingering flavor you get when you burp a bit of vomit in the back of your throat? Yeah, that taste.

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