Mmmm, Bar-B-Que Sauce!
By: Mark W Adams

Now that MarKOS has joined the Corporate Media Elite, let's see if he can get beyond his first foray into the den of the beast represented by his first Newsweek column which harmlessly enough charts the Reid/Pelosi leadership of Congress on funding the Iraq occupation.

Truly, if ever a softball was served up to Karl Rove, the "counter" to MarKOS's "point," this is it. Given the chance to shape what promises to be an interesting debate between two people who couldn't be more different in their outlook, experience and influence, Moutalis (Moulitsas, sorry dude) had the first chance to set the stage by pointing to just one of so many of the Bush Administration's transgressions -- putting Rove on the defensive from the start.

Whether this was by edict of the Great Orange Satan's editors, or his own choice is academic. You've got a clear target, a pocket full of ammo, and instead of going after the corporate kleptocracy that spawned George W. Bush -- MarKOS opts to go after the Democrats instead.

Correct me if I'm just out in left field here, but I didn't detect one single criticism of the GOP in anything MarKOS wrote.

Great work from a guy who founded the largest blog on the planet, one dedicated to advancing Democrats over Republicans and championing progressive causes. Let us know how the cocktail weenies taste on the other side Markos. Those of us who can only glimpse Versailles on the Potomac from the outside are dieing to get the recipe.

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arubyan said...

After reading your post, I expected much worse from Kos' inaugural bit. True, he doesn't thrash the Republicans. So that's a missed oppo.

On the other hand, he is focusing on the most important fight of all: de-funding the war.

P.S. Maybe he went all tentative because he's addressing a new/different audience: Newsweek's readership.