Rove: Rhymes With Spoofiness
By: Mark W Adams


Okay, duly noted that MarKOS devoted his first Newsweek column (online only -- a new print edition column is here) to a truly nobel cause -- ending the war, and although critical of Democrats, he didn't blast them to pieces, and neither did he assail those responsible for us being there in the first place . . .

Speaking of Karl Rove . . .

You can tell these two aren't trading shots, yet. Rove, true to his role as a political hack and not a policy wonk, dedicates his precious space on the pages of one of America's most widely read publications to beating The Bitch Hillary.

Mind you, his article is nominally addressed to Republicans, taking the position that her nomination is a foregone conclusion. Its timing, during the heat of the primaries instead of next summer, is so obviously suspect it's almost textbook Rovellian misdirection.

His advice is to the people actually, you know, running against her . . . like right now, and he cuts their legs out from under them with kindness.

"How To Beat Hillary." Ahh, the master's voice! Speak your wisdom to all of us NotHillary supporters out here in the hinterland, Oh fair (sorta, what's left of it) haired GeenYuss!

What is telling is that he takes a GOP meme, and tries to reinforce it as conventional wisdom. He's been doing that forever, and it's proof that he isn't talking to any nominal GOP nominee, or even a NotHillary candidate -- but framing the debate to deflate the public's dominate preference for Democrats and their relative approval of the Democratic Party's position on every issue out there. He's attacking our strength, as usual.
Every presidential election is about change and the future, not the past. So show them who you are in a way that gives the American people hope, optimism and insight. That's the best antidote to the low approval rates of the Republican president. Those numbers will not help the GOP candidate, just as the even lower approval ratings of the Congress will not help the Democratic standard-bearer.
This is fiction.

Disapproval of Congress DOES NOT translate into disapproval of Democrats. Frustration with Congressional gridlock preventing the advancement of the Democratic Party's agenda does not mean people are sick of the Democratic leadership, even though we are most vocal with our criticism. We completely understand that the best hope for this nation, and the world, is a Democratic White House as well as Congress and that what's left of the conservative movement that isn't retiring or indicted will be gone next year.

We aren't stupid Karl, unlike the dry-drunk pre-schooler you've been tutoring for the last couple of decades. As I mentioned earlier today, "the reason Congress's approval ratings are so low is a direct result of Republican obstructionism -- not because the public at large disapproves of Democrats in general." Polling data -- The Math -- bears this out.

Of course, if this were what he would whisper into a candidate's ear, the world might be a better place. He knows his audience - and it's not anyone associated with the Republican Party. He also knows that any discrete missive he would send to Fredrudolf McCromney would be read, twice, and not forwarded to the circular file. No, this stuff is fluff for you, America. Because nothing is so laughable coming from The Architect than this . . .
Say in authentic terms what you believe.

My dog just gave me that look. You know, the one where she says I've been sitting at the computer too long -- and I need a napkin.

First of all, this is that LAST thing Rove would really tell any candidate. Second, "authentic?" He's kidding, right? Has he checked out the current crop of probable GOP nominees?

Okay, maybe Huckabee is naive enough to go the "Truthiness" route, and we all know that Ron Paul is nutty enough to. But Floppy Flippiani (flipped on guns, abortion, immigration, civil unions), or Flop FlipCain (I Heart-Bush/torture/Baptists/Episcopalians), and Flip Flopney (Pro-choice/life, Pro-universal/not-so-much health-care, Pro-Mormon/Evangelicals Pro/anti-gay rights, pro/anti-tax cuts. pro/anti-campaign finance reform, pro/anti-Ronald Reagan)?

Are you Flipping for real Karl?

Is this intended for that dude from Law and Order, acting directions along with a script? You are aware there a strike on and Mr. Thompson isn't allowed to cross a picket line without jeopardizing his support among hard-hat wearin' "Reel 'Mericans," right? Don't be a scab, Karl. Not for your first Newsweek article. Bad form. Better to plagerize right from The Prince, instead.

If Rove isn't simply phoning this in, but is in any way sincere, actually thinking that any one of those GOP contenders are remotely capable of "authenticity," I'll register as a Republican next year and donate a hundred bucks to the RNC.

As for the meat of his "advice" though, I must say that the the overall slant of Rove's suggestions are pure calculated crap, the kind of crap that got his former boss elected -- superficial, inane and driven by the trite personality politics where issues and policy don't matter. He all but abdicates any hope that the Republicans can or will offer anything of substance to rival the Democratic Party's agenda of universal health care, an end to the war, a re-dedication to diplomatic initiatives, a responsible immigration policy, an end to crony capitalism -- and figuring out a way to pay for all of it without bankrupting the next five generations.

Rove tells this fictional Republican candidate to exude something none of them have -- hope. The only hope they have is to run the same old playbook against the Democrat they hate/fear/know the most, Hillary.

And Rove knows that no respectable Democratic challenger can get away with criticizing her by adopting a Right Wing framing -- which is why he throws the kitchen sink at her. The laundry list includes her high negatives, HillaryCare, Bill's shadow, too liberal, too calculated, too vain, too smart, too tough, too female, too ambitious, and too inevitable. These are now all subjects that are taboo for Edwards, Obama, or anyone else seeking to delay her coronation.

Well played Mr. Rove.