Did We Turn Another Corner Iraq?
By: Mark W Adams

That country must have more angles than a E8 polytope.
US reports 'phenomenal' drop in Iraq violence — Violence in Iraq has fallen at a rate that has surprised military commanders and even one of the architects of the "surge" that boosted US troop numbers in the country this year …
Whatever, Heckuvajob, Rah Rah, . . . by my count there's been 331 casualties of this war in just the three days since my last update. That won't do, sorry.

Clap Louder!!!
This is a long struggle, and it's a struggle of ideas, of ideologies, extremism on one side, pragmatism or moderation on the other. It's about opportunities, it's about economics, it's about employment, it's about education.
Ya think, maybe, we could uhm . . . try improving our own economy and educational system a bit (hey, just a bit, that's all I'm asking) while we're turning Iraq into the neo-contopia we've always dreamed of? I mean, before we start building Disneyworld on the Euphrates, it would be nice to eliminate a couple of the problems we have here at home -- like the massive unemployment here in Ohio -- The Heart Of It All.

For instance, how about a realistic tax policy on those who can most afford to pay for this damn war of theirs instead of the voodoo nonsense we have now -- before we bankrupt our own country (or have we already).

For those with a weak sense of history and no economic instincts whatsoever, take my word for it -- there'd still be a Soviet Union if they hadn't bled themselves dry in Afghanistan. This lesson is being played out for the supply-side corporatists in the U.S. as we pour the wealth of the greatest nation on earth into the bottomless pit in Iraq.

Just stop it, okay. And don't even get your hopes up that you'll convince anyone like me that it was worth one red cent, let alone a drop of red American blood.

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arubyan said...

Forget for a moment that "victory" entails leaving in place a democratic Iraq that serves the best interests of the US.

Let's just stipulate for now that the violence is dramatically reduced. Huzzah!
That said, what's happening now is instructive insofar as it presents a clear picture between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans move forward from here believing this finally vindicates Dear Leader. "Bush was right!"

On the other hand, Democrats should be excited because it justifies bringing the boys home.

Which view do you think the electorate will find more compelling?

As I said, it requires forgetting what "victory" really entails. And it requires believing that the reduction in violence is real and it is permanent.

P.S. Then there's the whole matter of Iran and what the US policy should be towards them.