Toledo Braces For Unruly Mobs
By: Mark W Adams

BREAKING: Toledo, OH, 12:20am EST

Toledo Braces For Unruly Mobs

The Toledo Blade reports that Police Chief Mike Navarre has no reason whatsoever for instructing officers to carry riot gear on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unlike the the Halloween disaster when hoards of masked youth harassed area residents for candy on Friday, Navarre wants the police force to "be prepared" and to "keep an eye on things" despite there being "no specific information about potential civil unrest in Toledo" and no plans to schedule additional officers to work during this election day and evening.

Hopefully this type of vigilance will prevent any more incidents of lawless driving by fake plumbers riding their fifteeen minutes for all they're worth. I know I feel safer already now that, you know, the cops are finally keeping an eye on things -- and are ready to go all Rodney King on anyone who doesn't look like a middle-aged skinhead with the temerity to litter.

Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman would not confirm that this was good news for the New York Senator.

Posted by Mark Adams, Senior Illegal Correspondent
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