I Must Have Been A Good Little Boy
By: Mark W Adams

First Cheney and Gonzales get indicted, now Ann Coulter's mouth is wired shut. (HT Gawker)

All my wishes are coming true!  Either it's time to play the lottery or finish that stable for all the ponies I'm getting for Christmas. 

What's next?  I do have my Secret Santa List if anyone's feeling especially generous.
  • Rush Limbaugh develops incurable laryngitis. 
  • Karl Rove gets caught in a gay prostitution/drug ring with Dick Morris. 
  • Hannity without Colmes becomes such a ratings disaster he gets canceled, replaced by the Sarah Palin animal appreciation hour -- Pet-n-Palin. 
  • Bill O'Reilly get's kidnapped and no one will pay the ransom. 
  • John Yoo get's hit by a bus.
Karma is AWESOME!  All that's left is for Bush to announce "Mission Accomplished;" that the final step in completing his dad's vision for a new world order is complete and that his final official act will be to sign over the deed to the United States of America to the Chinese as collateral for a way-cool casino/trick-bike track they're building for him in Crawford. 

Oh hell, I really don't need all that.  I'd settle for just John Yoo getting hit by a bus.