CHANGE Is Not Normal
By: Mark W Adams

So the upside to the global financial crisis is gasoline is down to $1.67 a gallon, right?  As they say in the Peoples Republic of Alaska: You Betcha!

It's troubling though.  People just can't handle too much turmoil in their lives, even when it saves them money.  Just ask this nice lady I met at the gas station.

I'm in line at the cashier, just stopping in to grab some smokes.  (I hear they're bad for for me.  Who knew?)  This woman comes in and tells the girl behind the counter that the pump is broken.

"There's something wrong with pump 2.  It only will go up to 17, then shuts off.  I can't get any more gas out of it."

The checkout girl looks confused when a helpful guy right in front of me says, "Maybe it's full."  Sure enough, unless her Ford Escort's gas tank is bone dry, a Twenty buys more gas than it can hold.  She went out to test the theory.

She came back a little red-faced to collect her change -- change she never would have believed in.

1 Comment:

Unknown said...

Too bad Dubya announced the recension of that moratorium on drilling, eh?

Heh heh heh...

More seriously: low gas prices help, especially in rough times like right now. On the other hand, High gas prices help encourage rational automotive behavior.

On the gripping hand, adding a bigger gas tax just encourages bureaucrats, since jacking up gas prices just benefits their bureaucracies. Feh.