Rovellian Wisdom and Other Funny Stuff
By: Mark W Adams

I missed this tidbit election night since, well . . . it was on FOX after all.
Even as he watched his political legacy severely tarnished, Republican strategist Karl Rove brought some unintended humor to election night -- stating in his capacity as a Fox News analyst that America "had an African-American first family" for many years, citing "The Cosby Show" as an example.
Barack Obama, the made for by TV President. 

On an even lighter note, I had to share this new Republican advertisement for their movement -- to a country more to their liking.

"Something has to happen for us to make fun of. Unlike the actual news, what we say is based in fact." From Daily Show writer J. R. Havlan, about the inevitability of comedians making fun of Obama. [NYT] (via)

Speaking of the real news reporting on what the fake news says about the real news, the Daily Beast exposes a mole inside the New York Times.
As one McCain advisor put it to me: "In the last six weeks there was a remarkable echo. You could listen to arguments made by folks inside of the campaign who were close to Bill Kristol and then open up the New York Times and read them in Kristol’s columns. It was 'set Sarah free,' coupled with an agenda designed to appeal to the religious right and the more raucous elements of the party. They got their way often enough, and we started noticing that at many of the Palin functions it was non-stop 'Sarah, Sarah,' while John McCain all but vanished. Were they trying to get McCain elected in 2008, or to help Palin on the way to the Republican nomination in 2012? You can’t get yourself into a situation in which anyone can credibly ask that question."
There's gonna be a reckoning on this, if not at the Times (circulation is circulation, contracts are contracts) at least within the GOP hierarchy.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported rumors of Scheunemann’s firing, and quoted an anonymous McCain aide as saying Scheunemann was feeding a "constant stream of poison" to Kristol. Scheunemann denies he had been fired. But Scheunemann admitted to CNN that his email had been temporarily disconnected..

How did Kristol respond? Appearing on Fox News, Kristol protested his loyalty to John McCain and called the anonymous staffers who had criticized him "paranoid." He explained that the campaign had started looking through staffers’ emails to see "who was allegedly leaking stuff, negative stuff." Presumably, he means leaking to Bill Kristol.

Most revealing quote of the Times investigating the fake news being reported in their real paper was of course on a fake news show:
"Appearing once again on The Daily Show, Bill Kristol, Jon Stewart's favorite whipping boy ('Bill Kristol, aren't you ever right?'), on Thursday night defended the McCain-Palin ticket, at one point informing the show's host that he was getting his news from suspect sources. 'You're reading The New York Times too much,' he declared. 'Bill, you WORK for The New York Times!' Stewart pointed out."
Oh those "Stinkers" at the New York Times can make the whole bunch smell bad . . . also.

Finally, there remains a great deal of us political junkies who may be having a hard time weaning ourselves from the last two years of the single most intense and captivating Presidential campaign of all time.  Cold turkey is a hard option for any addict.  For those who need one last fix, or the political equivalent of a methadone clinic . . . GEORGIA BITCHES!!  

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