I Woke Up With The Future
By: Mark W Adams

I didn't make it for the "official" announcement last night, or the speeches.  Once Ohio was called, my wife and I split a bottle of champagne and I was ready for bed.

I needed to get some sleep, see.  I had a date with the future today.  I had to get my daughters up and ready for the new day and I had my four year old grandson to enjoy.  He's mine today, and on the most beautiful November morning I ever remember, this little boy and I went to the park.

YouTube has the speeches, the papers captured all the stats.  I'll catch up later.  I had something more important to do than diving into the hows and whats and to renew the fight against the deniers on the right, those incapable of introspection or self-respect.

We caught some of the radio talkers this morning as we drove, but walking along the shore of a lake was more important.  Obama's victory is nothing short of revolutionary, something that might only be compared to the 1964 election, something that happened when I was about my grandson's age.  We were much more interested in chasing a bunny through the evergreens, walking up to a flight of Canadian geese grazing, spotting a duck, spying some seagulls soaring like they were a kite on a breeze, and throwing driftwood sticks back in the water.

I've have a keen awareness of the transformational nature of last night's events and what it will mean for my grandson's future; a future that looks much more bright today.  And I know how important the election of 1964 was, how transformational the Civil Rights Bill was as today we witness its fruits, but I didn't when it happened.  I was just a little boy.  My grandson will come to learn what a difference today makes too, someday.

But today, holding hands with Grandpa as we shuffled through piles of crunchy, colorful leaves, kicking them as high as we could -- that was the most important thing of all. 

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Justin said...

I apologize for the mean things I have said about Ohio for certain other elections. Consider your state redeemed! We'll have to negotiate on the Browns though.