A Feast Was Had
By: Mark W Adams

I'm such a girly man, cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 and doing the lion's share of dishes.  But bringing loved ones into my home to share the pleasure of each others' company, that's the meaning of Thanksgiving -- and for that I am truly thankful. 

And what's not to be thankful about.  Everybody well fed, praising the cook even though I did manage to absolutely ruin on of the pies. (The sweet potato and pumpkin were exquisite, but the apple-raisin blew chunks.)  The kids were playing and doing their snoopy dance, grandson refusing to eat anything that isn't wrapped in cellophane and driving the daughter-in-law batty (the kind of stuff I live for).

On the annoying side, Jon Swift's satire can mess with your head.  If indeed, he's being satirical.
This year as President Bush pardoned two turkeys, who surprisingly had nothing to do with the Savings and Loan scandals of the 1980s, he remarked that it was his “last Thanksgiving as President.” But it might be the last Thanksgiving any of us celebrate since there is a good chance that when Barack Obama takes over, he will abolish Thanksgiving along with other holidays liberals hate such as Columbus Day, Christmas and the Fourth of July.
Spare yourself clicking the link if you're usually the brunt of everyone's April Fools pranks (which reminds me of this outstanding list of some of the best ever) or in any way susceptible to outrage when conservative trolls spoiling for a tussle prove their ignorance by painting a liberal straw-man and then knock it down with a Hummer.

He's really good, had me fooled for a while.  It's like reading all those asses at The Corner or Hot Air or other retarded conservatives TBogg and  Sadly No skewer on a regular basis -- but of course Cliff at SN! was intimately familiar with the real comic genius when it comes to the true meaning of Thanksgiving, GayPatriotWest, who really has no clue how funny he is.

Count me among the easily duped.  Since getting banned early in my blogging career at Dean's World, I've avoided more exposure to right wing blogs beyond those on the left who make sport of ridiculing them, unless you start with "Shorter Dim Bulb Wingnut..." or "This guy's a real tool..."  So, sadly yes, I too can fall prey to a lack of ironic appreciation no doubt caused by my Bush Derrangement Syndrome.  Count me among the easily duped.

Down with Tryptophan!