Obamawan Kenobi, Our Only Hope
By: Mark W Adams

Thanks to all my Facebook and Twitter pals for the birthday wishes.

I admit, I'm just not fired up enough. It's an obvious result of America becoming AWESOME again, like I thought of her when I was a kid. (Hat Tip: Oliver) I'm not pissed enough and the GOP fear machine has been rendered impotent. Walking around happy is a lousy incentive for writing.

I can't get worked up right now over that sludge still sleeping at the White House, or his nasty little dog. He's doing what he's always done, filling up the bureaucracy with incompetent ideological cronies, and twiddling his thumbs while scarfing escargot while the country world goes to hell. Generally being the same old ass he's always been.

Hillary? Sec State?!! Good pick, excellent in fact. But I can't get worked up over her or her usual detractors since they've already swung into enough of a tizzy for all of us. She's survived far worse and came out on top. It's not the Limbaughs of the world that should be quaking thinking about her foggy bottom, but Putin and Ahmadinejad.

Lieberman? He only has himself to embarrass now. Ditto Ted Stevens. Saxby Chambliss only matters if Al Franken sqeaks out a win on the recount -- and only then will Lieberman matter. But even then he really doesn't matter. He's a loser and is done when his term is up.

Sarah Palin and her cheerleader in chief, Bill Kristol, are in grave danger of becoming irrelevent. But fear not. Swine like that have a way of stinking up the place whether they're inside the tent or just snorting around the outside, trying to dig their way back in. Never fear, they'll be endless sources of outrage and stupidity for years to come.

The last thing I need right now is something harshing my Obamabuzz -- like the city of Toledo becoming a ghost town if we stop making cars here. But I'm still of good cheer, because Obamaphoria is our real hope.