Nine Terrifying Words
By: Mark W Adams

I'm From Alaska, And I'm Here To Help . . . Also.

My Palinfreude™ (Yes Skippy, I coined that word!) sense has been tingling off the charts.  She's everywhere, won't go away, and continues to leave confusion and turmoil in her wake.

Lemme try and help.  This will tax my nascent Jedi abilities, but here goes.

Dear Republican Stormtroopers: 
Sarah is not the Droid Leader you're looking for.


No?  Well I guess I'm not a Jedi yet, but I'll keep practicing, er ... "progressing" my abilities.  (Yes, Skippy, I know there is no try, there is only do ... also.)

1 Comment:

Diane DP said...

I hate how she uses "progressing" and progress in sentences.

I can't stand how she NEVER, EVER answers a question. She did this even as she was running for Gov.
The guy she was running against appeared knowledgeable but she talked her way around him but never quite answered the question.

I don't like her, she scares me, she make the hair on the back of my neck crawl, just like Bush did in 2000. Nobody believed me then, but they do now!!!!!!