Dude . . . No.
By: Mark W Adams

I say this as someone who used to be one of John's biggest supporters ... Go Away! You're harshing my Obamabuzzzzz.

Edwards to face off against Rove in public debate
Before, it meant something, there was a cause, a movement to build. Now, it's just about ego, a disturbing need to feed the narcissism.

This is like a smarter, better groomed, more articulate and male version of Sarah Palin trying to rebuild a hopelessly damaged public image. Sad to see, and even less interesting than the ongoing Palin train-wreck.

And of all things, what did they talk about?
Edwards, Rove: Palin should study up for 2012 run

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and Republican strategist Karl Rove don't see eye-to-eye on much, but in a spirited debate Thursday they agreed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin needs to hone her knowledge of foreign policy and geography if she runs for president in 2012.


Two failed has-beens debating another epic failure, and giving out advice on rehabilitating a public persona. Is there enough salt to rub in all the wounds this opens up on both sides of the aisle. It's only 11am and I need a stiff scotch.

See boys, here's the deal. As much as a catastrophe Sarah Palin is, she can still fill a room -- or a stadium. She's got seven-figure book deals just waiting for her. She can dominate any news cycle with a wink and a hair flip.

She's now, you guys are history. You're embarrassing yourselves. Are you guys just jealous that more people are interested in her ongoing flame-out instead of your own miserable failures? This is just pathetic.