Disgusting Displays
By: Mark W Adams

A standing ovation for a convicted felon who should never been allowed inside the Senate chamber let alone honored like he was man of the year...

A trillion for banks and AIG with no oversight, no plan, and no clue exactly what would happen if they didn't get their extortion money. (Brad has the right idea on this.)...

The markets (along with everyone's retirement plans and any hope of financial security) are still tanking, losing half their value so far with no idea where the bottom is. Citigroup may be next, Boeing in trouble ...

Faux outrage over private jets. Union busting and style over substance driving decisions when we know exactly what kind of turmoil ensues if the American auto industry is allowed to die. Who can compete when burdened with health care costs foreign competitors' governments cover when they too were hit by Wall Street craziness, the credit squeeze, and the failure of those "pro-business" conservatives to insist that the industry abide by reasonable mileage standards and competitively retool for 21st century transportation needs.

Funny how we got a bailout of the bankers and brokers in a heartbeat that the public didn't really like, let alone understand. Everyone knows what kind of deep doodoo we're in if GM goes under, and they can't get a loan for 3% of what we've thrown at Freddy, Fanny, all the banks and AIG. No wonder the GOP is hated more each day and everyone is just holding their breath until January 20th.

I guarantee Joe the Plumber never heard of AIG before this year -- but he knows the Rust Belt will be hemorrhaging jobs if we stop making American cars. If there has ever been a clearer example of the Villagers on the Potomac being far more concerned about wealth over workers, I can't think of it. Two months seems like an eternity.

The only real variable is that we just don't know exactly how many unemployed millions will be walking midwestern streets as that southern rump party and that C+ Augustus in the White House watch approvingly as Detroit dies just as sure a death as New Orleans when Katrina struck. A million unemployed here, a million there, and pretty soon you're talking real Depression.

Why should they care when they've got friends who can spend $20 million on fireworks just to get their parties started and have brand new Nieman Marcus Christmas catalogs to drool over.

(Yeah, I'm back, and pissed. You should be too.)