Deep (Wishful) Thought
By: Mark W Adams

How many more election cycles until what's left of the GOP stops trying to "Out Reagan" each other?


Ara said...

Terrific question.

Short answer: not in our lifetime, my friend.

BruceMcF said...

If they follow the pattern of the Tories in the UK, it will be three.

So if we can get a moderate Democrat elected in 2008 to start mopping up Bush's mess, get some fundamental reforms enacted, and start the long delayed (and what in a sane world would be deeply bipartisan) move to Energy Independence launched, then in 2016 we could well be seeing the last gasp futile effort to win on the old pattern, before moving onto something new.

The trick will be to build a progressive movement able to get a genuine progressive elected in 2016 to run against that last gasp.