Movers And Shakers
By: Mark W Adams

Amada Marcotte of Pandagon is moving to North Carolina to become the internet coordinator for the John Edwards' campaign. She'll be joined by Shake's Sis (aka Melissa McEwan) who will be the new Edwards Blogmaster.

In other moves, comedian and radio host Al Franken will be leaving his duties as the quarterback at Air America (which is for sale) and will indeed be running for the US Senate. Comedian and recovering junkie, Rush Limbaugh, will remain safely behind a glass wall and not receive the Nobel Peace Prize -- except in his wildest halucinations.

Al Gore, however, looks like he will need to reinforce his mantel to handle all the new hardware. Sure, there were other men who won the Nobel Prize who could also claim to have earned the most votes in a presidential election. (Three in fact.) But not even Saint Ronald Reagan got an Oscar nomination.

Oh, and somebody tell Wes Clark he's running for president and ought to actually, you know, announce it or something.

And just in case you needed another reason to support someone, anyone other than Hillary -- catch this little tidbit about Ms. Moneybags and her warning to doners not to hedge their bets.

Okay, I'm going back under the covers to curl up with more of Marci Wheeler's heroic effort at liveblogging the Traitorgate trial. Libby's gonna fry, and he's bringing down the VP and Washington media elite with him. It reads better with popcorn.