Hillary's Hacktacularness
By: Mark W Adams

It took me a while to confirm what I heard on the Ed Schultz Show, but Sunday's Washington Post reports:

Clinton does not support cutting funding for American troops, but does favor that step for Iraqi forces if the Baghdad government fails to meet certain conditions.
Ed was unimpressed, and I have to agree.

This really seems like candy-coated tuna, specifically designed to be tasty as long you don't lick it more than once -- or try to find out what smells so fishy.

Yep, Hillary, I'm glad you are able to think through the full consequences of an issue as important as war and peace.  Great idea, fabulous.  We defund the Maliki government if they don't get the militias, insurgents, foreign fighters and terrorists under control, right?  So, once the Iraqi security forces are proven not to be any more competent than they've been to date, we cut their ability to even make the attempt.

Great plan.  No, really.  You've wrapped up the support of every semi-literate voter who lacks the strategic sense to win a game of tick-tack-toe.

Can I ask a question, Madame Frontrunner?  Just how does this help stabilize the country, let alone allow us to bring one soldier home?  In fairness, it does have the benefit of being original.  It's brilliantly stupid.  Different, but still stupid.

How about this Hillary?  Bite the bullet that every rational actor who voted the wrong way on the war (notable exception, "Zell" Lieberman) and come out fully in favor of getting our troops out of this civil war and double, hell triple our funding to the Iraqi government.

Let them hire the 100.000 mercenaries that are the second largest military force in the country behind the U.S.A.  Let Haliburton and BP pay for it instead of us.  When you really get down to it, the tax breaks and royalty waivers the GOP has granted the Exxon is chump change compared to the subsidies we've paid them by fighting a war on behalf of Wall Street and the Sheiks of the Gulf.

Gawd, this is the most bone-headed, pandering B.S. I've heard outside of a Fox News studio.  It actually makes John McCain look like a military genius and Dick Cheney sound credible.

Please keep making jokes about your husband being a jerk to you.  Leave the real policy suggestions to serious leaders and stick to hackery, triangulation, and pandering to low-information voters.  Just don't forget to hire every single one of your rivals for the Democratic nomination and put them in your cabinet when this sad Madison Avenue strategery wins.  Yes, including Kucinich (please), because every single one of them can articulate what the consequences of their decisions will be beyond simply saying what they think everyone wants to hear.


Gary said...

Hey Mark...I don't know if you are a fan of Shakespear's Sister, but did you see?

Edwards has tapped her to be his Netroots Coordinator!

It's nice to see that we are important to them.

(and...my page has move...http://pridepress.blogspot.com)

Mark W Adams said...

I did see that, and sent her a welcoming note.

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