So Dumb, It Has To Work
By: Mark W Adams

This "plan" kill two birds. The wingnuts will be happy with it because we'll stop seeing the daily doom-n-gloom of a hundred funerals a day -- because the media will stop reporting all the "bad news" from Iraq.

The media will have no choice, because the other "bird" in the plan is to evacuate all American personnel from the country.

You see, the media is only hammering us with the daily death toll because American troops are in harms way. They'll stop if there are no more U.S. targets to worry about. Mmm, Kay?

Besides guys, you've got other problems, and other enemies you can be terrified of.

Allahpundit:  Is Hillary the best we can hope for among the Democratic nominees? Obama talks bipartisanship but votes a deep, rich blue. Edwards is running on a platform of class warfare. Of Gore let us say no more. Who’s left? Unless Mark Warner jumps in and figures out a way to beat all of them by running to their right, Hillary’s probably the most “conservative” (i.e., nominally hawkish) candidate in the pack. Terrifying.

Mind you, leaving does absolutely nothing to affect the violence in Iraq, but we'll be gone -- which makes the dirty, leftist hippies happy. (We'll try to keep our glee down to a dull roar as we try to care for our wounded service people the Bush Administration just abandoned.)

Defense Department officials have laid off most of their case workers who help severely injured service members, sources said.

The case workers for the Military Severely Injured Center serve as advocates for wounded service members who have questions or issues related to benefits, financial resources and their successful return to duty or reintegration into civilian life — all forms of support other than medical care.

Yes, I know this program has been designated as redundant, that the Wounded Warrior Project covers a lot of what the MSIC does did.  I have my doubts...

“They did a fabulous job for these families,” Buckley said. “The kind of work they do for these families who are hanging by a thread ... no other organization helped service members and their families like they did.”

The MSIC case workers provided the wounded service members with contacts and referrals to other organizations and agencies, ranging from the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Social Security Administration, depending on their individual needs. Operation Homefront often helps with the families’ emergency financial needs.

This is a far cry from what Wounded Warriors do -- which "provides hundreds of veterans who have lost limbs or their eyesight in Iraq and Afghanistan a chance to rebuild their lives through sports."

Yeah, sports.  Sports?  Cutting through red tape and providing cash to save the homestead just can't compare to learning how to ski with that prosthetic leg, can it?

I kinda "get it."  It's very much in keeping with the anti-welfare mentality that is worshiped by conservatives everywhere.  Wounded Warriors stresses rehab and retraining -- which is awesome!  There just is no room for social workers and hand-outs to the needy in their philosophy.  Even when the one in need has made the greatest possible sacrifice for this nation.


Tell you what Wingnuttystan, I gotta deal for you guys.  Let us pull out of Iraq with no crap about anybody being cowards or surrendering, and you'll stop hearing about all the "bad news" from Iraq.

The only reason you keep hearing about it so much that your ears start bleeding before finishing your morning paper is because there are so many Americans in harms way there.  See?  If they're gone, so are all those nasty subversives with cameras and word-processors.

I know it's kinda ostrich like, but the American media doesn't care about death and destruction unless Americans are involved.  As Exhibit "A" I cite Powerline's bitching about the lack of Darfur coverage.

It's not like our presence or absence will affect the killing.  We just won't hear so much about it.  The wingnuts won't be awash in their own hypocrisy anymore, their cognitive dissonance will dissipate and their guilt will be abated.

Of course, 30 years from now, our insistence on an evacuation will be blamed for the entire mess, for our malaise and lack of will, etc., yadda, yadda.  But by then we should all be burning "switchgrass" to heat our homes and run our hybrids and won't care who is sitting on the empty oil-wells in the Middle East.

(H.T. Randi Rhodes)


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