Speaking Douple-Plus, In? Out? Up? Down?
By: Mark W Adams

It's official, the administration is completely out of cute ways to imitate Orwellian Double-speak, and are now just outright plagiarizing the master -- without even the attempt at subtle subterfuge.

From today's PressSpeak:

Q Let me follow up on David's question, then, I think -- and that is this is the number one problem, according to your commanders -- sectarian violence. So does the President want -- does the President feel that's a main mission of the U.S. troops now, to --

MR. SNOW: Well, as I said, I understand that, but to answer that then gets people on the train of, does this mean you're going to plus up, you're going to plus down, you're going to move in, you're going to move out --

Q I don't mean plus in, plus down.

MR. SNOW: -- and I'm not going to get into any of these --

(Hat Tip: KOS Diarist, Walt Starr: We won't surge, we're gonna "Double Plus Up")

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G. A. Roach said...

Plus-up, plus-down, double-plus, double-down? I always double-down in Blackjack on 11, sometimes on 10 if the dealer shows a low card. Is that what this administration is doing? Playing Blackjack with human lives? Well, it's time to plus-down about 175,000 pairs of boots, while they are still pairs!