Bless His Heart
By: Mark W Adams

Faux Christian Dean Esmay's continuous battle with irrelevancy got a little boost this week when he noted the passing of Molly Ivans with a piece of sanctimonious drivel I've no doubt he believes is a fitting tribute, justifiable primarily because he's sure the late Ms Ivans (or someone just like her, or somebody who read her column once) said something similar once upon a time when one of Dean's Wingnut Whackjob heroes died.

Remember, everything will always be the fault of us dirty "leftists" who refuse to clap louder.

And no, saying "via con Dios," or something similar does not absolve you from your complete lack of human decency.

I'm not going to link directly to Dean's piece, because lord knows the link whore will only enjoy the attention. Rather, I'm sending you on to TBogg's place, where he quotes the "The swirling vortex filled with chunks of stupid that is Dean Esmay's brain."

The offensive passage:

It's hard to think of any major political commentator of the last few decades who's been more shallow and spiteful...
Actually, there's a lot more that's completely offensive, both in disrespectful tone, and blatant insult. But beyond the text of the post itself, is Esmay's offensive comments in his dialogue with his faithful echo chamber.

Dean agreed with another poster how Ivan's passing makes President Bush look "classy" because he didn't remain silent but praised "her career and outspokenness." Bush is (get this) "a good, honest, decent man" because he didn't come out and say, on the eve of the woman's death, that she was a cold heartless bitch whom he's hated for years. What a nice guy.

Esmay proves his standards for decency are exceedingly low by writing:
I think you do not know what the word "hypocritical" means, because what would be hypocritical would be ignoring the nastiness that defined her career and saying nice things about her just because she had an unpleasant and undeserved death.
Now that's class, Dean, you miserable piece of excrement.

I would promise to write, nay shout horrible diatribes at your looming alcohol induced demise so as not to be hypocritical -- except that I wouldn't want to give your family any more unnecessary pain, you vomit inducing, puss-filled worm -- so I'll do it while you still can suck down beer-substituted bloody-marys while you delude yourself that your disease is under control.

In fact, I really don't have to rack my imagination too much, but only need to share some of your praises from the commentors at TBogg's place (below the fold).

D. Sidhe doesn't hold back...

Bless his heart.
But he does offer a warning later...
Of course I'm sure all of this will just go into the hopper as proof of Dean's little thesis that the left is full of angry people like Molly Ivins. But you know what? Screw him.
D. Sidhe's comment goes on for a bit, and I encourage you to read it all. He captures both the putrid essence that is Dean Esmay, as well as an excellent defense of the legitimate anger, the truly righteous indignation we all feel towards the horrible people who foisted this disasterous president on us, and which Ivan's so adroitly put to prose.

The Fatter Rat is Dean.

Singularity: fuck Dean Esmay. What a douche.


In life, this guy was the uneaten shriveled reject on Molly's lunch plate, Lesley.


R.L.: Anyone who would speak ill of this great woman is worse than the cancer that killed her. I think Molly would join us in saying "FUCK EM".

(I really like this next one...)
Molly Ivins had chunks of moronic brownshirt fucks like Esmay in her stool. She also had bigger balls than a whiny tiny-pricked motherfucker like him could ever dream of."Go with God"? God says blow it out your fucking ass, Dean.
(This one doesn't mince words...)
Fuck this guy!
Fuck this guy hard in the ass with Molly's book Shrub!
Fuck this guy in the mouth with the computer I read Molly on everyday!
Fuck this guy in the eyeballs with American flags!
Esmay deserves whatever suitable karmic reward the universe bestows.
And then he can die.
I wish I'd written these.
Here's what they'll be saying about Dean who can't write the day he passes:

Dean, who?


He shows the same class that his type dispayed when Paul Wellstone died.
"I have been attacked by (Dean Esmay) an experience somewhat akin to being gummed by a newt. It doesn't actually hurt, but it leaves you with slimy stuff on your ankle"
Me too Paul
You know, I was wondering who the first right-wing douchebag to say something shitty about Molly's death would be. Congratulations, Dean Esmay, you pathetic little wankstain.


Don't worry Dean, Jesus loves jackals, too.
R. Porrofatto
Our friend T.Rex from Firedoglake chimes in with this gem:
Dean Esmay's writing is the sound of Sisyphus driving a shitty Datsun into a brick wall at 100 miles per hour over and over and over for all eternity.
This next one describes the tribe of Kool-aide drinking, knuckle-dragging wingnut bloggers to a "T."
What pisses me off that most about shit like this is that Esmay is just the sort of asshole -- let's lump in with Noonan, Assrocket, Goldstein et al -- who attacked liberals, faux and not-faux, for not shedding enough tears when Reagan died. And Reagan, unlike Molly, was a worthless piece of shit.

Well, fuck him.
But, this last, short and sweet, touches just the right note.
He's subhuman scum, god bless his soul.
This isn't the first time Esmay has been called out on his lack of basic civility. We all remember when he was the first out of the box to call for the hanging of reporters at the New York Times, long before it became fashionable for this bloodlust to envelop the right's noise machine.

Congratulations Dean. Again, you become a trend setter.


Dean Esmay said...

Oh my goodness. I pay very little attention to the ongoing shriekfests of the left and right who hate me, but I just this morning finally read the above.

All I can say is: LOLOL.

Yeah, because you "Bush lied!!!1!1!" people were just "speaking truth to power!!11!!!!' (by speaking your own hate-filled irrational bullshit)"

Indeed, that was the only substantive reason why you supported Obama, who continues Bush/Neocon policies.

I'm curious: what does it feel like to spew hatred at one President, and then vote for another who continues the exact same policies?

I know it's rude for me to ask that question, Mark. After all, it's 2+ years later, and America is victorious. So I'm only curious about how you spin American's victory in Iraq when it comes to the war against religious and secular fascism.

What's it feel like a few years later to admit that you were opposed to liberating Iraq from fascism?

I'm genuinely curious: are you upset because you supported Saddam's fascism, or was it something else?

Mark W Adams said...

My god what a pustular piece of unbuttered fucktoast you remain.

Better question, since I disagree with your premise that we've "won" anything in Iraq and Bush only started the withdrawal because A) he couldn't bully the Iraqis or the UN into allowing him to remain, and B) the writing was on the wall and unlike the rest of the CheneyCons he decided to allow the Pentagon to prepare for the inevitable downsizing Obama would order ... No, the real question you should be asking is of yourself...

After losing your wife, losing your home, losing your kids, losing all too often your sobriety/jobs/rationality ... what's it feel like after all these years to look in the mirror and contemplate what a loser you are?

Fuck off Dean, you piece of shit.

Mark W Adams said...

Oh, and for the record, PencilDick, I "supported" Edwards with time and cash. I voted for Obama because his center-rightism is less Gawdawful than the incompetently myopic race-baiting lunacy spewing from the GOP candidates.

I might wait more than 90 days to evaluate Obama's accomplishments, or lack thereof. Your's Dean, however, failed human being that you are, are self-evident.

Mark W Adams said...

Although you are more than free to comment here, it looks like the default comment thread for this post has moved to my facebook page...At least for my FB friends (which includes a great many Dean haters, including most of his former family). Dean, you're not my friend, so spew your drivel here.

Anonymous said...

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