McCain's Racial Slurs
By: Mark W Adams

Here's an interesting tidbit I never new.
During the 2000 election, McCain was criticized for his continued use of an ethnic slur in reference to his Vietnamese captors. He told reporters, "I hate the gooks.... I will hate them as long as I live." [1] At first, he stood by his use of the slur, saying that it was "the kindest, the kindest description I can give them." [2] McCain later reversed his position and apologized.
Hmm. Does that mean he was for hating the people who tortured him before he wasn't?

I'm sorry, I get so confused on how to start these wingnut style slurrs. How does it go again?

Oh, I get it, he hated the torturers before he was for Bush's right to torture anyone he wants. That's the ticket.

Oh hell, that can't be right either. Any help out there?

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