I Always Hated Doug Feith
By: Mark W Adams

I will probably never tire of saying, Bite Me Dean Esmay. Doug Feith, Undersecretary of Policy for the Defense Department, "a minor official" my ass. The guy ran his own intelligence department, he was the architect for the Office of Special Plans who took orders directly from VP Cheney in an effort to give Bush, and the rest of us, no choice but to go to war -- despite what every non-Kool-Aide drinking intelligence expert urged against.

Let's put it this way. As you might guess from his long title, Feith was Rumsfeld's top policy advisor. He was the guy who determined and executed official policy -- the party line -- for the entire U.S. Military. Accountants and car-pool managers are "minor officials." This guy was seriously, deadly, important.

This is the guy who gave us CURVEBALL. This is the guy who sent his deputy, Franklin, off with intelligence secrets to give to AIPAC -- who gave us bogus stories of al Qaeda meeting with Iraqi intelligence in Prague. So cloak and dagger, so dangersous and mysterious, so damned deceitful.

This is the guy General Tommy Franks called, "THE STUPIDEST FUCKING GUY." Who tried to get Colin Powell, who called Feith's operation the "Gestapo," to paint even bigger fantasies then he did.

He's a dangerous neo-con utopian, and always has been.

You don't rise to that level of collosal incompetence and remain merely a "minor official."

We've known since the Downing Street Memos that they cooked the books and lied us into a war. It is now the official finding of the United States Government that Feith was the Chief Chef and mouth-breathing bottle-washer who cooked up those books, who dreamed up the war and what lies to spread, to whom, to get us here today.

There's blood on his hands that cannot be washed away by simply saying his actions were "inappropriate." And there's blood on every single GOP enabler, wingnut apologist, and conservative talking-head that have covered for these Neo-Napoleons.

Dean lists what he thinks are the left's unfounded gripes as he tosses off the Inspector General's report as just another witch-hunt by the hippies.

1) A majority of Americans were led to believe that Saddam was behind 9/11
2) Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction
3) We only went for the oil
4) Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld never listened to the opinions of generals who disagreed with them
5) Iraq's new government is our puppet
6) We had no plan for after the invasion
7) Abu Ghraib proves that our military condones torture.
Dean, there's more, as you know -- most of which can be directly traced back to Doug Feith.

But those aren't myths, but conventional wisdom based on clear, convincing evidence which is common knowledge to everyone without a stake in the he-said/she-said world of partisan bickering. And once again, you are deluded if you think that doesn't describe you.

Put down the beer-bloody-mary and seek professional help, Dean. You've been hallucinating.

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arubyan said...

I kind of like Dean's list.

Apparently he never learned the first rule of political debate: never, EVER use your opponent's verbage in your own response.

In Dean's case, he doesn't even try to answer the charges except to say, "It's not true."


Mark W Adams said...

He's getting worn down from always being wrong, and hanging out at Rose's with people he can't stand.