Edwards Calls Our Iran Policy "Strategic Mistake"
By: Mark W Adams

According to the Associated Press, Presidential Candidate John Edwards urges direct talks with Iran

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards criticized the Bush administration on Sunday for failing to engage directly with Iran to resolve problems with the Iraq war and Iran's effort to develop nuclear weapons.

"It's a huge strategic mistake not to be dealing directly with Iran," Edwards told the Associated Press in an interview before a campaign event in Dubuque.

"What we should be doing with Iran, both on the Iraq issue and the nuclear issue, is being much smarter than we're being now. We have tools available to us to engage them."
I'm almost tempted to say, "Thank you Captain Obvious."

Seriously, could our diplomatic efforts be more inane? To think that in order to get a deal with North Korea, Condoleeza Rice had to do an end run around the Pentagon and Dick Cheney. And that only got us back to square one.

Examples of duplicity or ineptness abound. Not content with his Feith-based efforts to mismanage his father's Iraq policies, conservative saint, Ronny RayGun is spinning in his grave as "W" dismantles the crown jewel of his dipomatic efforts, The START treaty, by placing anti-missile defenses on the Russian frontier -- prompting Putin to threaten to withdraw from our nuclear reduction treaties.

It's almost like nobody is minding the store, and what a store it is. As Middle Eastern nations go on an arms buying spree, the business of war is very, very good.

Ever since Condi had to cut short her speech about the "Threats of Tomorrow" -- a speech interrupted by planes flying into the Twin Towers and Pentagon -- a speech not about terrorism but anti-missile defense systems, I've been fairly convinced that this current government does not exist to serve the American public, but to increase unrest in the world in order to maximize shareholder dividends of arms industry stocks.

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JohnnyB said...


I see you are an Edwards fan. What is it that differentiates Edwards from the rest of the Dem candidates. I mean, are there policies he favors that you endorse, which other Dems don't highlight or favor? Or are there other qualities about him you like? He shook my hand back in 2004 here at OSU before he gave his speech...I was a little disappointed that he gave the essentially the same speech at the convention that he did in Iowa. Anyway he seems like a genuine and nice guy, though. Did you post on this already?

Mark W Adams said...

Gee John, Could you ask me a harder question? ;-)

I too met Edwards in'04, rather, I got to stand on the same stage with him along with my (then) 11 yr. old daughter as part of the background for a stump speech.

And that's what those things always are, stump speeches. When you give so many such speeches, and you want to appear "off the cuff" with no notes, you must rely on a memorized speech which evolves, but does not change dramatically from dat to day.

But for me it's all about issues, issues and policy.

Edwards is the most liberal candidate (thus sharing many of my core concerns) who has a realistic chance of winning. There are more liberal candidates, with no hope whatsoever.

Plus, Edwards has impressed me in his evolution, coming more my way than trying to bring me further the other way.

It's about Health Care and poverty and the war for me. And trust. I think this guy really believes what he's saying.