I Really Hate To See This
By: Mark W Adams

This is precisely the kind of thing that the Clinton obsessed will simply devour. Wingnuttistan, already crowing about the "scandal" that Tipper likes to do it with the lights on, will just work themselves into a moist froth over a questionable record keeping financial flap that involves the Clintons losing money.

(Political Wire): Clinton Failed to Disclose Charity: "Sen. Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton 'have operated a family charity since 2001, but she failed to list it on annual Senate financial disclosure reports on five occasions,' according to the Washington Post.

The foundation has enabled the Clintons to write off more than $5 million from their taxable personal income since 2001, while dispensing $1.25 million in charitable contributions over that period.
Now here's my question. Just how dysfunctional is the Clinton Foundation that its overhead eats up 75% of their contribution from the major donors?

Mother Jones has more, and you can follow along with Josh for all things completely unlike a smoking gun.

The Senator's office immediately corrected what they characterized as a clerical oversight, but you just know the damage is done. This is red meat Drudge's Dimmwits.

For your debunkature convenience: Why Is This Front Page News? Clearly this will go on, and on. The only thing worse than protracted, substance-less attacks on the Clintons for the next 2, 6, 10 years, is Bush v. Clinton II.




Malkin: Hillary's inconvenient "oversight."

Lincoln Logs: Heck of an oversight if you ask me.

And they haven't even gotten started.....sigh. Geez, if you liked Ken Starr, you'll love the sequel.