N.H. Dem HQ Burglarized
By: Mark W Adams

Shades of Watergate, again.

Thieves Break Into N.H. Dem Headquarters

Deja vu: Thieves break into Democrats' headquarters in New Hampshire

... Neither police nor party officials will comment on what was stolen and whether the break-in was politically motivated.

Office workers reported the break-in to police on Monday. Concord Police Sgt. Mike McGuire said some items were taken, but he declined to be more specific. The assessment was the same from Kathy Sullivan, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party.
Nobody but us Toledo Political junkes remember that this happened in October, 2004, to the Lucas County, Ohio Dem HQ where computers were stolen that "contained highly sensitive information, including the party's financial information, names and personal phone numbers of hundreds of party members, candidates, and volunteers.

The computers also stored e-mails from candidates that included discussion about campaign strategy."

But I remember, because I was blogging about it. It seems the tricksters are starting early this cycle.

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