Milking The Bloggrrls Story
By: Mark W Adams

Some days I really wonder if certain conservatives' heads are attached to their necks -- compleately severing the connection between the brain and heart. Witness this soulless conclusion by John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

Maybe there's nothing to this, but, after Edwards made them apologize, if their goal was to do nothing but milk this whole thing for as much publicity as possible, they wouldn't have played it any differently. It's just a theory and given that Edwards had already said he would keep them on, well, getting attention for playing the victim may have looked better to them than keeping their jobs working for a white, southern member of the bleeping patriarchy, as Amanda Marcotte might say.
Is that all it's ever really about for you John, chasing fame and fortune?

In addition to his "News" blog, Hawkins is a Bush Apologist weekly columnist for Human Events Online, Hawkins is also a "web presence" consultant for a nameless "Republican presidential contender." (Hmm, not a "campaign," but a "contender" that hired a consulting firm. Gingrich anybody?)

He really should know better. If anyone can empathize with the idea that nobody is safe in this mud-slinging environment, it would be someone in Hawkins' position. I mean, it's not like he hasn't been following the story.