Catholic Alliance Challenges Donohue
By: Mark W Adams

This update just in...
“Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good condemns these anti-Catholic remarks, all anti-Catholicism and all religious intolerance. We accept Senator Edwards' assurances that he too was offended by comments made by recently-hired staffers and that religious intolerance has no place in his campaign. Catholics comprise more than one quarter of the U.S. public, and neither John Edwards nor any other candidate can afford to take this constituency for granted. "

"We hope this unfortunate incident will initiate a deeper conversation on the part of all presidential candidates regarding the broad range of issues and values of primary importance to the Catholic community, including the Iraq War, a concern for the poor, human life and dignity, the availability of health care, and a commitment to the common good. We call on both political parties and all presidential candidates to address the values and concerns of all Catholics in respectful and serious debate. Donohue’s media hype and culture war rhetoric is less important than addressing poverty, abortion and war – issues at the heart of our Catholic tradition ”

"We also invite Catholic League president Bill Donohue to focus on promoting the values and message at the heart of the Catholic faith – the common good, and a concern for the least among us – and to address his own political hypocrisy. In 2000, Mr. Donohue called out Gov. George W. Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University. Gov. Bush later condemned the school's anti-Catholic views, and Mr. Donohue quickly accepted the renouncement. Mr. Donohue rapidly accepted Mel Gibson’s apology for anti-Semitic remarks. We ask him today to join us to renew focus Jesus’ message of the common good, social justice, and forgiveness, to drop his rhetoric of division and personal defamation. We invite him to join in debate about an authentic Catholic response to the real problems facing our nation and culture."
All emphasis (except the red lettering of the word "invite") is mine -- Mark

Game On Folks. This would be a cat-fight I'd certainly pay to see.

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