So Sick Of This
By: Mark W Adams

Maybe I'm just sick of being sick since I've been dealing with a chest cold for over a week now.  Maybe it's because I already voted, so in my subconscious I know none of the remaining flourishes of the campaigns make any difference to me personally.  Maybe, no ... without a doubt John McCain, Sarah Palin, their surrogates, spokespeople, bloggers and plumbers have fried my very last nerve.

Four more days.  One long weekend and we will finally have elected Senator Obama.  In just over a hundred hours from now, the polls will begin closing and John McCain will leave us Ohio voters alone, never to return.  Seriously, the guy is like a stalker.

The good news is, if the CNN poll of polls is any indication (and who really knows), he's not making any new friends in the Buckeye State.  McCain's strategy of swamping Ohio with his presence -- chasing down every contrarian in the State who either gets some secret pleasure in confounding pollsters, or is so completely and deliberately uninformed they really should be disqualified from voting -- is just pissing off the rest of us who've made up our minds.

I hear Obama's on his way back here too, just to rub our noses in the fact that Ohio, as usual, is home to the most fickle voters on the planet.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm delighted that unlike John Kerry in 2004, the Democrats have not given up on us, but I wish Arnold Schwarzenegger would.  Of course, it's always a pleasure to welcome Bill Clinton to Toledo, but he wasn't here so much (it seems) to flush out more Obama votes as to allay our fears that Ohio could be lost and turn the scales to McCain if the polls are wrong and Obama doesn't hold on to his slight lead.
During both of his public speeches in Ohio, the former president pointed out how crucial the states's 20 electoral votes are for a Republican win on Tuesday.
"In all those elections since 1836, not a single, solitary Republican has ever been elected without carrying Ohio," he said in Toledo.
"Once in a great while, but rarely, the Democrats have eased in without carrying Ohio, but that's rare … the point is that you have this election and the future of our country in your hands."
Thanks Bill, that makes us all feel so much better.

No wonder Al Gore didn't put this guy out on the stump. If it isn't about him, and campaigning for Hillary was all about him as well, his heart just isn't in it all the way.